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Gallery (and kind words...)

We don't like to brag, but really, these spaces are MUCH better in their 'after' phase. This is what Molehills Estate Services does and we're so proud of our work! Our clients are happy too which is a strong testament to the good work we do. 

The service you provide is well beyond what at least I would ever do. I would not have done near as well of a job and now everything is organized and functional!

Hope and Megan are amazing hard working, dedicated individuals, they put 200% in everything they do. They are quick and efficient in their work and product. They are professional and kind and trustworthy. There isn’t anyone better to have in your home and to help you make those hard decisions. Our things are personal but they can even see through all the clutter what really matters. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I can tell you I would probably have piles and piles of unneeded and wanted things in every corner of my space and now I can actually see and use what is really important to me.
— Jaime--Salida

This is a space in my home that felt unfinished. I wanted it to be cute and more functional and now it is!
— Marlene--Salida

I had been wanting to get this spot under the stairs in order for a long time. Now that it is, it feels great! I can find anything I need and when I ask the kids to put something away it has a designated spot. Thank you Molehills!
— Megan--Salida

I would highly recommend Molehills service. Before getting help, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t decide how or where to start! The sense of relief I have felt after having Molehills work with me has been great. I can finally breath again! Many thanks.
— Marn--New Mexico

Before I heard about your company I felt really stuck. I have been downsizing and decluttering almost constantly for four years, and this was to be the final push. Everything was crammed into a small space, and I wasn’t strong enough to move things myself. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get it done.

When you came to visit, I felt that you knew what you were doing. I just relaxed and turned you loose on the problem. You came to me with questions when you needed to, but you did most of the work without me.

Now I am thankful to be able to get my car in the garage after three years. And all that messy stuff is gone forever. I feel unburdened.
— Jackie--Salida

I really appreciated the good communication these girls had with me and each other, that they were always on time and friendly.
— Nancy--Salida

“From cluttered, overwhelming and hard to keep clean, to functional and easy to manage! This room has a better flow, more storage and lots of room to play- what an improvement! Thanks Molehills!”
— Mom of Two--Salida, CO

Success Stories

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Larry & Kathi . . .

Every job is different and every client has varied needs but there are common threads that run through what we do. Most people we work with are going through some sort of transition. Click here to read Larry & Kathi’s story.

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The Power of Letting Go . . .

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the desired outcome, achieved. It gives a feeling of relief,
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