Molehills Estate Services

Who We Are

Who We Are


Our mission...

Molehills Estate Services supports individuals as they make important decisions and changes in their lives. We provide professional, compassionate, and practical solutions to clients who need help organizing, consolidating, relocating or liquidating their estates or the estate of a loved one. 


It all started when...

Megan and Hope (that's us!) started casually talking over coffee and the mostly happy chaos of our collective five kids. We had both recently gone through our grandmothers' homes and seen our own mothers' struggle with the mass amounts of inheritance. We recognized a gap in services offered within Chaffee County for people who need help cleaning out and liquidating their estates. We had also been hearing a theme about people feeling bogged down by their stuff! Many wanting, willing and needing to get their living spaces in order, but not knowing where to start. We love clean, organized and functional spaces- they create a peaceful ease to life. 

With our creative and practical entrepreneurial spirit we wanted to provide a service for our community and (as icing on the cake) also live our dreamy dream of having a flexible, fun and meaningful job to boot. So, we created it!

Molehills Estate Services is excited to be here for YOU (and us too). We make mountains out of molehills! (and sometimes molehills out of mountains depending how you look at it....)

Molehills Estate Services is a fully insured Limited Liability Company. 

We are trained through and Associate members of the American Society of Estate Liquidators which is known for best practices and business conduct within the industry.

Physically speaking, a molehill becomes a mountain when an animal takes dirt from somewhere and piles it on somewhere else. Psychologically speaking, if we think metaphorically, making a mountain out of a molehill essentially is a massive displacement of psychological dirt from one place to another.
— Psychology Today